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Flor Pedrola

Hello, thank you for checking into my coaching programs. I encourage you to take a step further as a human being. This step can become the beginning of an incredible journey of discovery, new plans and great successes for you and your surroundings.

Let’s connect and enjoy the path together. We will discuss where you think your limits are and how to challenge them. Your future may be much closer than you think!!


Flor has always enjoyed helping others grow and it has become her profession and her passion. She has many years of experience within IT and Services Industry, working for multiple organizations including Integrated Supply Chain, Management Development, Sales, and HR. During her career she worked as System Engineer, People Manager, Mentoring and Career Advisor and Consultant on Talent and Leadership Programs, specially focused on results, productivity, and teamwork.

Flor has been a mentor for the past 15 years, with a focus on helping people achieve work-life balance, attain business objectives and manage challenging situations.

She is an executive and team coach, working with people seeking to advance their career, achieve success in a new role/management position, or someone who is trying to gain skills in a new area.

She speaks SPANISH, FRENCH and ENGLISH fluently.


· ICF Executive Coach


· Appreciative Inquiry

· Neuro-leadership Trainer

· Brain Health Coach

Email:  coachme@brainterprise.com